Scarf Box

Scarf Box
In order to better serve you, we have gathered and presented a diverse range of scarf box photos and designs from across the internet. These selections span a wide array of styles, colors, and materials, all carefully chosen to provide you with a comprehensive reference library. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a new scarf box design or simply looking to enhance your current packaging, we hope these images and designs will assist you in creating innovative and appealing scarf boxes. Thank you for considering our collection, and we look forward to serving you further with our commitment to excellence.

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Luxury Scarves Box PX000018<br>Item:<strong>Luxury cardboard Box with custom brand for high quality Scarves</strong><br>
Luxury design for Scarves/silk neckerchief/silk scarf,wollen scarves, chinese traditional sexy silk underwear, down jacket.<br>
This is Cardboard Box.<br>
Cardboard Box Feautres:<br...
Scarf Box PX000071<br>Item:<strong>Custom Scarf Box with elegant design</strong><br>
This is Cardboard Box.<br>
Cardboard Box Feautres:<br>
1 Materials: 800gsm - 1200gsm Ivory board, white back duplex board, gray back duplex board + kraft paper / White paper,Art paper,Sepcial paper,etc.accord...
Scarf Box PX000176<br>Item:<strong>Decorous Black Scarf boxes with Custom Logo</strong><br>
This box is perfect for any scarf, silk tie or small accessory. This box can be hot stamped for that customized look!<br>
The size: could be same as as Hermes Scarf Box for 90cm x 90cm (36
Scarf Box PX000179<br>Item:<strong>High Quality Scarf Fashion Gift Box</strong><br>
Size: 23.5x10.5x3.5cm ,Customized size are available.<br>
1 Cardboard Box Materials: Art paper or copperplate paper, white/brown kraft paper, with 1000gsm Ivory board, white back duplex board, gray back duplex ...

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